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 Squad Application

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PostSubject: Squad Application   Mon Nov 08, 2010 12:14 pm

Heya I said in the gen. forums really like the way ya'll handle your server and work as a unit (I miss that show Sad ). Anyway here's my app. I'm a lay'd off framer/trim carpenter 42 and I love my country. I enjoy being in a squad of guys that work for common goals(to be the Elite)and have a good freekin' time doin it. At times I get a bit tweacked wen guys get on the uncap me personally never go pst the 2nd building beach side <C> and always give shit to my teammates for it. Was playin Aces High II for 6 yrs before this Sim. and man did spawn campin go to a new level there. If ya think I cut dah mustard......Holla Back! bounce bounce

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Squad Application
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